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EOS sets record of 102M+ actions processed in a single day!


According to blocktivity, EOS has reached a new record for the highest number of actions processed in a single day, for a (current) total of 102M, an average of over 1180 actions per second! In about 10 minutes EOS processed the same number of actions processed by Ethereum in a whole day!


According to the EOSTitan tool, the contract that most affects the number of transactions processed is eosio.token-trasnfer. It is difficult to assess whether this is also related to the use of some other dApp.


The increase in the number of actions is mainly due to the improved performance of the network. In fact, more and more Block Producers are enabling eos-vm-jit on their BP nodes, which allows to improve performance by about 5 times!


"EOS VM is the newest WebAssembly (WASM) engine specialised for blockchain applications. With this new engine EOSIO chains will be able to increase resource efficiency while processing smart contracts, and consequently increase performance by 16 times compared to EOSIO 1.0." - Learn more

According to Yves La Rose, CEO of EOS Nation, if this trend continues, we can expect to reach 150M actions processed in a single day next week, and "it is a conservative estimate".


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