EOS Infra Free-tier Deprecation & Pro-tier Discount

EOS Infra Free-tier Deprecation & Pro-tier Discount

The EOS Infra team recently announced the deprecation of their FREE-tier API starting from October 1st. Their Free-tier API service was one of the most used on the EOS mainnet, having provided 99.9% availability and served over 25 billion requests.

According to the team, over 1,000 unique dApps were using their service which has now nodes in 15 different geographic locations. However, because of their growing overload of requests, the free-tier was keeping too many resources and time. That's why they choose to deprecate it completely.

Fortunately, by saving resources from the free-tier, they will now be able to focus more on their Premium API service, coupled with a discount that will last until December 31.

Source: https://medium.com/@eosinfra_io/eos-infra-free-tier-deprecation-pro-tier-discount-8a527b4cc880

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