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Voice.com Next Steps: The Voice NFTs


The Voice.com team has updated its community on the next steps the social platform will be taking. Starting this summer, Voice users will be able to release NFTs directly within the platform and receive royalties from engagements.

There is still no precise date for the introduction of this new feature, but we will have to wait for "this summer". The integration with Non Fungible Tokens will be done using EOSIO blockchains, but for now there is no mention in the EOS mainnet. In any case the Voice NFTs will be:

  1. Free to mint (no gas fees)
  2. Clean (low emissions)
  3. Authentic (identity verified)
  4. Resilient (unbreakable ownership)

Voice users will be able to freely create digital assets in various formats: visual, written, audio and video, and they can be simply bought and sold.

With this move, Voice wants to combine the social aspect of the platform based on sharing articles, blog posts and other multimedia content, with tokenization. Potentially all user content can be tokenized into Non Fungible Tokens and resold or purchased by other users, creating a secondary economy directly within the platform.

Additionally, it appears that any users who engage with the content prior to sale will be able to receive royalties. This feature could further incentivize the search for great content that can go viral.


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