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EOS Foundation's Second Recognition Grants Awarded


The EOS Foundation released its second Recognition Grants to 11 projects, each receiving $100,000 for a total of $1.1M.

The 11 projects that received the Recognition Grant are:

  1. DefiBox: EOS DeFi project backed and launched by Newdex and now Multi-chain
  2. EOSDT: The 1st decentralized multicollateral USD-pegged stablecoin on the EOS blockchain.
  3. SOVDEX.io: algorithmic DEX on EOS offering trading, mining, and CPU atomic swaps.
  4. VIGOR Protocol: crypto borrow and rewards community powered by the EOS blockchain
  5. DeFis Network: decentralized finance network built on EOSIO that aggregates all valuable DeFi-protocols
  6. Newdex: the most used decentralized EOS exchange to date
  7. Organic Protocol: decentralized multi-chain synthetic assets issuance and trading protocol.
  8. Pizza ProFi: EOS-based programmable financial gateway
  9. DAPP Network: universal middleware for DeFi and NFT powered dApps.
  10. pNetwork: open-source protocol for cross-chain routing between blockchains & scalability networks empowering cross-chain dApps 11: DAPP Account DAO: cross-chain yield aggregation service that utilizes automation to maximize profits from DeFi strategies.


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