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EOS Costa Rica Lauches EOSIO Dashboard


The EOS Costa Rica team launched the EOSIO Dashboard, a new platform to visualize relevant EOSIO blockchain data and so boost the level of trust, transparency and accountability.

The EOSIO Dashboard is an open-source platform adaptable to any EOSIO network and able to provide reliable real-time blockchain data. The dashboard is already operational on a number of leading EOSIO blockchains: EOS Mainnet, Wax, Telos, LACCHAIN EOSIO, Proton and Jungle testnet.

Available features include:

  • Real-time data of transactions and blocks, and a chart displaying the information of transactions either per second or per block;
  • A list of Block Producers and data of BP rewards distribution;
  • A directory of the nodes in each network with relevant information such as location, availability of endpoints, and network health;
  • Network-specific features and tools, including tools to create Block Producer Agreements, BP JSON files templates, and executable actions for smart contracts;

Through this platform, any user can have greater control over the activities of the blockchain, and its block producers, thus promoting transparency and reliability.

The EOSIO Dashboard is accessible at https://eosio.online/.


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