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EOS Community is reviving, Dan's book translated into Korean


During the week, the Korean EOS Community (credits to NodeOne) held a donation to help translate Dan Larimer's book from English to Korean. In few days they raised 1,500+ EOS and will soon begin work.

The translation of Dan's book will help the EOS Community Korean to better understand the ideals behind Dan's new proposals for the EOS mainnet. In just a few days they were able to collect the 1,500+ EOS, and this is a clear indication that there is still a strong desire to regenerate the community.

"@bytemaster7 You got your back among Korean #EOS community. We've just raised 1,500 EOS to translate "More Equal Animal" into Korean. Together we are strong."

The funds were raised directly on a specially created EOS account (moequalanikr), and translation work was to begin on March 29, but the date will likely be brought forward given the early achievement of the 1,500 EOS target. In about a month the whole book should be reduced, otherwise the funds will be returned.

"The plan was to begin translation upon funding close but the process will be kickstarted right off the bat from tomorrow, aiming to finish by the end of April. The deliverables will be released chapter by chapter as it is reviewed and proofread.

As a follow up, the community is also considering making them into NFTs to award to those who contribute to the community. The detailed plan will be discussed in @BULLEOS Telegram group."


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