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Ultra Development Completed: Public Testnet Incoming


The Ultra team recently announced the successful finalisation of their Gaming Platform Protocol. The next step is to start the testing phase through a public testnet to be released during August.

"Ultra Games is a PC games distribution platform that is meant to be accessed by millions of mainstream consumers. Blockchain technology enables us to provide them with new opportunities, such as innovative rewarding interactions, new community experiences, collecting truly rare assets, or creating and monetizing their own user generated content."

Ultra's goal is to build a gaming platform that leverages the possible innovations that blockchain allows, trying to avoid as much as possible all the problems it brings. Indeed, a blockchain, while increasing the flexibility of digital content for users, also involves rigidity in terms of fees to be paid for each transaction, or in the case of EOSIO, resource management.

The Ultra team wanted to create a freely accessible blockchain, with free transactions on-chain that is invisible to the end user. In this way it can be used not only by tech users but by anyone, even by children.

Ultra Protocol Objectives:

  • A free user account creation strategy.
  • A simplification of resource management that merges CPU and bandwidth into a single more comprehensible “Ultra Power” resource.
  • A complete redesign of resource management that enables end users to execute truly free transactions.
  • Functionality for corporations and businesses to get transaction execution priority regardless of the network state.
  • A decentralized non-custodial key recovery mechanism that even kids can deal with.
  • A new RAM marketplace protected from speculators, to keep RAM at its lowest price possible and help developers lower their operational costs.
  • An increased Transaction/sec throughput.
  • Many more features, including our NFT standard.

Apparently the Public Testnet will be launched during this August, but a precise date has not yet been announced.


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