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EOS Community-Powered Incubator: EOSTARTER


The first community-powered EOS project incubator, EOSTARTER, was recently announced. EOSTARTER will act as an incubator and launchpad for EOS projects, as well as offering project token pre-sales at reduced prices.

Hernan Arber, creator of EOS Israel and former director of mobile engineering at Voice, conceived and developed EOSTARTER. The purpose of EOSTARTER is to encourage the creation of projects for the EOS ecosystem, allowing for a higher degree of continual and ongoing innovation.

Even while EOSIO allows for more flexibility in the development of smart contracts and dApps, it has lost some of its developer community over time. EOSTARTER, along with Pomelo and EdenOS, will be able to assist in solving these issues by facilitating fundraising and providing additional incentives for EOS development.

"Entrepreneurs and Developers are excited to develop on a new platform not only when the technology is amazing, the environment and tools are developer-friendly and the applications work seamlessly, but also where there is liquidity, investment flow, and marketing that can support the successful development of new projects."

More details will be released soon for the launch of EOSTARTER, as well as how its $TART token works and about the business model. According to early indications, holders of $TART tokens will be able to receive deals on tokens of projects launched on the platform.


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