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EOS Account Name Service New Proposal By Dan Larimer


Dan Larimer made a new proposal to enhance the EOS Account Name Service. If this proposal were to be implemented, it would enable names up to 32 chars human readable account names, leading to a more friendly user experience.

It was Dan Larimer himself, former CTO of Block.One, who designed the current EOS Name Service, so who better than him to propose improvements. Under the current name standard, each EOS account must have a fixed number of 12 characters, not counting the EOS names purchased in the name auction.

With the new proposal, EOS accounts will be created using a random account number, which will be associated with a human readable Pretty-Name.

There will be two types of pretty-names: standard and premium. A standard name is any name with a number, underscore or no vowels, while a premium name is a name missing a number, underscore or a vowel.

Moreover, following this approach, it will be possible to associate additional metadata by specifying an IPFS address with additional information such as profile picture and display name. For example the pretty-name "dlarimer1" can be associated with the display name "Dan Larimer".

Standard names are free and allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis similar to 12 character EOS account names. Premium names are allocated at an average rate of 1 per hour and the price of a premium name will adjust in a manner similar to Bitcoin difficulty. There will no longer be any auction periods.

This system will make the EOS Account Name Service much more user friendly, also simplifying the purchase of premium account names.


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