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EOS Marketing on the Cards as the ENF Hires a New Chief Marketing Officer!


A couple of weeks back we published a news article raising the question of whether or not the EOS community should be expecting some form of marketing this year. The article pointed out signals that suggest EOS marketing is highly probable this year because of the many upcoming events leading up to the end of 2022.

On Tuesday, August 2, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) announced that it has acquired the services of former Block.one Senior Vice President of Marketing, Patty Fisher!

Having over 25 years of experience from start-ups to global organizations such as AOL, AT&T, and Sage Software, among many others, Patty’s role within the ENF will be to join the many EOS initiatives, partnerships, and community-led projects into one global EOS brand strategy. This would make it easier to market EOS as a whole complete globally distributed product.

“One of the big shifts that I saw over time is this transfer of brand ownership. No longer do companies control their brand, not like it was, where before it was like—hey, you can’t touch the logo, you can’t touch the color, you can’t do it this way—but really, today admirable brands extend ownership– shared with the community, with customers, with stakeholders, with the people that matter. I mean, people want to and expect to experience it as well, in events or on YouTube, TikTok, with other people or in gaming, in so many different ways. You want that brand to be threaded throughout people’s lives now.” - Patty Fisher

There’s no doubt that having someone of Patty’s caliber representing the ‘EOS brand’ is a great asset to the network as whole, especially when taking into account that she’s familiar with the EOS/EOSIO space from her previous work at Block.one. She’ll also be joining familiar faces, such as Jeff Werner and Ted Cahall, who’ve also decided to join the ENF and be a part of the EOS community after resigning from Block.one.

“The work that I had started at Block.one, and the opportunity that I saw, it was exciting to be a part of. It was my first assignment in the blockchain industry. There is so much innovation that’s yet to happen in this space. I wanted to be part of it, and be a part of an organization that is able to make a positive change, an organization that has the backing, the technology, and the people behind it.” - Patty Fisher

As we’re now firmly into the second half of the year, EOS stakeholders will be keeping their eyes peeled for exciting developments set to unfold before the year is out. Particularly the upcoming upgrade to Mandel 3.1, EVM launch, Yield+ Portal, ENF Ventures, etc. Not forgetting the Token 2049 event in Singapore next month where the ENF and Trust EVM will be title sponsors - with their brands displayed throughout the demo stage.

All these events present great marketing opportunities as they can easily generate hype and FOMO for EOS. And seeing that Patty’s mission as the ENF’s Chief Marketing Officer is to create a strategy that encapsulates and markets the many different EOS initiatives as one global brand, it’s very likely now that we’ll see marketing efforts being ramped up. Maybe even see the establishment of a new ENF Working Group focused solely on marketing initiatives.

One thing is certain; these next weeks and months are bound to be exciting - filled with many marketable moments. It is a great pleasure, and great timing, to… Welcome Patty Fisher back into the EOS community!


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