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Eden Guide: Overview


As Eden on EOS community members,

We believe that the impact of Eden on EOS’ democratic process, applied to everyday society, has the potential to be significant if its governance model is adopted and applied more broadly.

Eden on EOS promotes a decentralized and democratic governance model that empowers individuals to make collective decisions on issues that impact them. This could inspire similar models in other areas of society, such as government, education, and business.

Its ability to create a transparent and fair resource allocation process could help reduce corruption and favoritism in other areas of society. This could lead to greater trust and confidence in institutions and systems.

Eden on EOS places a strong emphasis on education and community building, providing resources and support for its members to learn and grow within the ecosystem. Which could inspire similar efforts in other communities, further promoting greater collaboration and cooperation.

Eden on EOS aims to create a more inclusive and equitable governance model for decentralized communities, promoting greater participation and representation for all members. Which in turn help address issues of inequality and promote social justice in other areas of society.

Even in these early stages, we believe that Eden on EOS has the proper tools and ideology, and is the best vehicle on which to achieve these goals for society. However, the Eden on EOS experiment is still in its infancy stages and will require strong participation and community support in order to improve its processes.

This Eden Guide is written in five parts that are meant to give you a step by step guide into Eden/ on EOS.

It is outlaid as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

  • What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)?
  • History of DAOs
  • Impact of DAOs
  • Future of DAOs

Chapter 2: What is Eden on EOS?

  • What is Eden on EOS?
  • Why join Eden on EOS?
  • How to Join Eden on EOS

Chapter 3: What is EdenOS?

  • What is EdenOS?
  • How EdenOS helps DAOs to be more effective

Chapter 4: Eden Election Process

  • What is the Eden election process?
  • How does it work?
  • Eden’s upvote election process has far-reaching implications

Chapter 5: Getting Started

  • How to Join Eden on EOS?
  • Increasing your likelihood of getting an invite
  • Membership process
  • Welcome to Eden on EOS!
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