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DAPP Network integration on WAX is now live


LiquidApps and WAX recently announced their partnership, under which the DAPP Network would be integrated on WAX blockchain. Today the integration has finally been released, and developers can now enjoy all the tools and services already in action on the DAPP Network.

These tools can be used to in increase the efficiency and flexibility of their decentralized apps. Among these tools we can find:

  • LiquidLink: connect dApp to assets, actions, and applications on Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOSIO chains, and more.
  • LiquidAccounts: free end-user onboarding with non-custodial options, with no need for a software wallet, browser extension, or web wallet
  • vRAM: storage solution for developers that is RAM-compatible, decentralized
  • Zeus SDK: set of libraries, code samples and documentation for building and scaling dApps


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