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Dan Larimer: "Block.One won't create technology that frees people"?


The Cryptonomist recently interviewed Dan Larimer, publishing the interview as "Daniel Larimer: Blockone will never be able to promote technology that frees people". This was a misquote from Dan, and sparked a community reaction.


EOS writer exposed the misquote on Twitter, to which Dan Larimer himself responded:

"B1 can and will produce meaningful things, those things will just be part of the system"


In a separate tweet, he later added:

"ProFi with block one and #EOS could completely eliminate the problems revealed by GameStop and a Robinhood. The financial system needs to move to SmartContracts with instant settlement."


There has been no response from Brendan Blumer on this yet. But by now it's clear that Dan has broken away from Block.One, not because he doesn't believe that they create a valuable solution on EOS that could enhance the current system, but because he wants to devote full time to creating solutions outside the traditional system.


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