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Recent EOS FUD stating Voice won’t launch on EOS

Fud on Voice

In the last 24 hours Coindesk, one of the major crypto media outlets, just published an article written by Brady Dale that’s attempting to FUD on EOS.

As for the article’s title the writer states that “Block.One Will Not Launch Its Social Network on EOS”. The article is trying to make a point by declaring Block.one promised that Voice would run on the EOS mainnet and plans to do that changed.

Since the article was published many questions and FUDs statement were raised both in the Western and Eastern community. To be clear, Voice mentions in the FAQs that in the beta it is going to be hosted in a purpose-made EOSIO blockchain and that they would like to leverage the EOS Public Blockchain in the future. This course of actions is actually a perfectly understandable one since the software is still going to be run on a beta version. Voice beta will be available the 14th of February and we believe it’s going to be released on the recently announced Official EOSIO Testnet: testnet.eos.io . Once the software goes out of beta, the social network should move to the EOS mainnet where Block.one bought 3.3 million EOS of RAM back in May, stating their intent on building on top of the system.

Even Brendan Blumer addressed Coindesk’s article with the following tweet:

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