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China's Blockchain Infrastructure Integrates with 6 Public Chains Including EOS


The Chinese government will launch its services for decentralized application developers starting August 10 globally. The infrastructure is integrated with 6 public blockchain, including EOS.

Following the announcement of the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), China continues its plans to become the industry leader in the Blockchain industry, providing global access to the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) to all developers of the integrated blockchains, particularly EOS. Other chains integrated into the service are Tezos, NEO, Nervos, IRISnet and Ethereum.

Apparently Ethereum and EOS were the first blockchains to be selected as early as April, later they opted for another international chain such as Telos, and two prominent China-originated projects: Neo and Nervos. In any case, by the end of the year they aim to include a total of 10 chains.

Through these integrations, developers in these 6 chains will be able to use data storage and bandwidth provided by BSN to run nodes and applications on chain.

"The move is a milestone as BSN is the first state-backed blockchain infrastructure that is reaching developer communities outside China by integrating with major public chains" - Yifan He, CEO of Beijing Red Date Technology."

The goal of BSN is to hide the complexities that currently exist in managing a node or run a dApp. The next steps will allow developers to do all this in a similar way to how we use a cloud service today, by simply choosing the blockchain we want to use and hold the private keys.

Moreover, regarding the API connection to these public blockchains, developers on Ethereum and EOS will be able to use dfuse, for an even faster experience.

“One of the main reasons that BSN chose us is we are very scalable, dfuse has been built and stress-tested on public chains processing 5,000 sustained/10,000 burst transactions per second, and is ready to support the next 10x and 100x in industry growth.” - Alexandre Bourget, dfuse co-founder and chief technology officer


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