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BuiltOnEOSIO: Spielworks' Crypto Rewards and Loyalty Platform on EOSIO


In the latest #BuiltOnEOSIO article, Block.One analyzed Spielworks, the creators of Wombat, the best EOSIO wallet for onboard new users, through Crypto Rewards and a dedicated Loyalty Platform.

Spielworks, formerly CHAINWISE Group, is a blockchain company created by CEO Adrian Krion and COO Alexander Heckel, the former with a background in mathematics and computer science, the latter management and economics. The two founders together created Wombat Wallet in the summer of 2019, which attracted more than 350,000 users in 160 countries by offering since launch free EOS accounts, created in just 20 seconds.

Their strategy has indeed brought many strategic advantages, allowing them to secure a 35% market share of total EOS accounts in 2020 and more than 70,000 monthly active users. In May 2020, they managed to close a seven-digit investment from Volksbank Mittweida and FinLab EOS VC, a venture capital fund backed by Block.one and FinLab AG.

“When we got into the space we looked at blockchain gaming as a broad theme and we realized that EOSIO is very well suited to cater to that, with low transaction costs, and high throughput.”

The new investment has allowed them to expand their gaming platform: Womplay, released on top of Wombat Wallet. Womplay is structured to offer crypto rewards to gamers who complete challenges in a variety of games within the platform. These games include Forge of Empires, Hero Zero, and Elvenar, in addition to all major blockchain titles built on EOSIO.

This allows, especially for casual smartphone gamers, to enter the world of blockchain, and EOS in particular, by completely minimizing the barriers of entry. All this, attracting new users with promising rewards, to play.

“We can see that more than 50% convert into wallet users in Wombat. The numbers we see on a daily basis in terms of sign-ups are just incredible. Users who have never even heard of crypto suddenly become EOS token holders.”


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