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BuiltOnEOSIO: BlockBase Blockchain Database Storage

BuiltOnEOSIO BlockBase

In the latest #BuiltOnEOSIO article, Block.One brought BlockBase, a distributed system that provides secure and distributed database storage services.

What is BlockBase

BlockBase is a platform for storing databases on blockchain. It leverages a set of EOSIO sidechains to maintain the databases, while the integrity proofs of these databases are published on the EOS mainnet.

How does it scale?

BlockBase achieves great scalability by offering a blockchain to anyone who needs to store a database. To store a database it will be necessary to request the creation of a new sidechain, defining its characteristics and rewards for the blocks produced in BlockBase Tokens. Then service providers will be able to choose whether to activate the sidechain or not.

How does it store data?

All databases are stored within the sidechains, and can be managed using an SQL-like language. All information within the database is encrypted, to maintain privacy. This is made possible by Order Preserving Encryption, a technique that allows users to search through data without outright revealing it.


"All the main technological concepts for our project were fleshed out, and we had to choose the main blockchain network to attach BlockBase to. This decision was critical because we would have to commit to that network for a long time.

We took an unbiased approach to that decision by comparing technology stacks, communities, ecosystems, and potential growth of various smart contract-enabled blockchains.

After that exercise, choosing the EOS Public Blockchain and EOSIO technology was a straightforward decision. EOSIO was the best-positioned ecosystem to build on."

Where is BlockBase now?

BlockBase started as early as May 2020, and by September the BlockBase network had reached a solid level of stability.


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