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Boid Season 4 Mining Underway

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Mining BOID is not really mining in the traditional sense of the terms. Actually what is happening when users mine BOID is they allow Boid to access and utilize spare computing resources on their personal computers or devices according to the times set by the users themselves and durations when those resources would otherwise be idle.

Boid then, through the acquiring of these resources, uses them to run complex computations towards the aim of solving real world problems in the medical, astronomical, environment and climate, and machine learning fields. Essentially then, by mining BOID and granting access to these resources, Boid is able to create a superweb of resources dedicated towards enriching our understanding through technology on a variety of pressing problems present in the world today.

Season 4 of Boid is no different in this objective, with the exception that it is taking on the biggest problem of our present by dedicating all these resources to Covid-19 (aka Corona Virus) research. In addition, Season 4 is also the first ever multi-chain Boid season with the help of recent IBC developments by the Boid team. As for participating, all that is really necessary is downloading the Boid app which will run in the background to utilize your spare unused computing power in a transparent manner, choosing a team to become a part of, and powering up your BOID on any number of both mobile and desktop devices.

Season 4 of Boid totals 12 teams that have joined the fight against COVID-19. Each team consists of a variety of members headed up by a team leader, each offering specified prizes for participants on their team. Teams for this season include CSX, EOS Detroit, UpliftNation, WAX, Vigor, Telos, Effect AI, Trybe, Secure Blockchains, Karma, Discussions App, and EOS Nation. For more on these teams, the prizes they offer, and contact information for each, the original press release Boid Season 4 Launch Details will give you all the links necessary to get you up to speed.


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