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BlockBase launched their airgrab on the EOS mainnet


Since yesterday, BlockBase launched their airgrab on the EOS Mainnet. BlockBase is a distributed system, based on EOSIO, that applies blockchain related paradigms to provide secure and distributed database storage services.

Their system is based on the implementation of sidechains linked to the EOS mainnet, which will be used to store databases and data operations. Any owner of their BBT token, with enough staked tokens, can send a request to create a new sidechain with a specific service and financial accounting rules. All database related data is encrypted and decrypted by the service requester, without revealing any relevant information.

*"This system requires a main blockchain that has smart contracts capabilities and that has a high throughput of blocks. After careful analysis, we chose to use the EOS blockchain for this project." *

Their team planned to distribute BBT tokens with 24 monthly airgrabs, where the quantity of coins is gradually reduced in order to favors early adopters. If you are interested you can easily sign-up for the Airgrab at blockbase.network/airgrab/signup


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