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Block.One launches an EOSIO Testnet


Block.One announced the launch of its EOSIO testnet available for any EOSIO developer to start learning how to program on EOSIO and test their dApps in an easy way.


  • Multi-node distributed network
  • One-click blockchain account creation
  • Embedded EOSIO Explorer
  • Real-world distributed network
  • Snapshots
  • Support

274 01 MKT EOSIO Testnet-Announcement Graphics V2 LL 20200107

To start using Block.One's testnet, users must first register at testnet.eos.io in order to create their first developer account. Then they will have full freedom to generate new accounts, test permissions and multi-user scenarios without worrying about resources.

In addition, if any help is needed, the Block.One support team will be available to provide assistance.


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