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Block.One Launches EOSIO for Business


This week Block.One launched the "EOSIO for Business", a series of EOSIO services to help enterprises build and maintain blockchain-based infrastructure.

Through this services, companies will be able to easily integrate blockchain infrastructures into their existing systems, using their favorite cloud computing platforms. In this way they can build highly scalable and performant blockchain-based applications without even having to learn new programming language, thus reducing development costs to a minimum.

"EOSIO for Business" contains various facilities, including: EOSIO Premier Technical Support, EOSIO Blockchain-as-a-Service, and EOSIO Consulting, as well as the brand new EOSIO Training and Certification, an online course that allows subscribers to learn how to develop and deploy their first dApps and Smart Contracts within EOSIO systems, including the EOS mainnet. **At the moment the course is offered free of charge until October 31st and for a period of 30 days, so we recommend those interested to enrol immediately and don't miss this rare opportunity!

EOSIO Premier Technical Support

Technical Support offered directly by Block.One to help anyone having problems launching or maintaining operations for an EOSIO implementation. The EOSIO Premier Technical Support is able to assist from initial application design to execution and launch.


EOSIO Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

The EOSIO BaaS is an automated service managed by a dedicated team, which allows clients to take advantage of all the properties of a blockchain, without having to directly maintain it.


EOSIO Consulting

EOSIO Consulting is the consulting service offered straight from Block.One, the creators of the EOSIO software. Clients can better identify, architect, and implement solutions that align with the requirements of ongoing blockchain operations.

EOSIO Training and Certification

As already announced, EOSIO Training and Certification is the online video-course that will help developers take their first (and even subsequent) steps in the development of Decentralized-Applications (dApps) and Smart Contract on EOSIO. The course will be accessed through a variety of lessons that will include basic to advanced smart contract programming and auditing, best security practices for integrations, and more. **Until October 31st the course is offered free of charge for a period of 30 days, if you are interested we advise you not to waste time enrolling!


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