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Block.One Joins LACChain to promote EOSIO in Latin America


LACChain has announced the addition of Block.One within the Alliance to specifically promote the use of EOSIO in Latin America.

LACChain is an initiative of (Inter-American Development Bank) IDB Lab, to promote the use of the blockchain in Latin American and the Caribbean countries. The presentation of this initiative took place at the FOROMIC 2018 conference.

Currently, LACChain has two blockchain networks:

  • LACChain Consensys Quorum Network
  • LACChain EOSIO Network

The second was made possible through the joint effort of EOS Costa Rica and EOS Argentina.

These networks add up to a total of 78 nodes that have generated more than 21 million blocks and that are being used in 24 projects in different phases of deployment, receiving an average of 12,000 transactions per day during January 2021.

"Our goal at Block.one is to change how the world works so that it is more transparent, trustworthy, and efficient, which is why we’re excited to join the LACChain alliance. In this technical advisory role, we look forward to helping LACChain drive adoption and awareness of the EOSIO platform through educational programs, deeper technical collaboration and community engagement initiatives." - Bart Wyatt, VP of Blockchain Engineering at Block.one


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