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Block.one Core Members: How EOS Helps Enterprises Build on Blockchain


Recently, two core members of Block.one, Bart Wyatt, VP of Blockchain Engineering, and Greg Lee, VP of Sales Engineering, showed how enterprises can use blockchain technology to reduce operational costs and risks in during the Fintech Week.

They also showed the advantages of EOSIO around the four products of EOSIO for Business and how Block.one can accelerate the implementation of enterprise-class blockchain.


As enterprises learn more about blockchain, blockchain technology is starting to become a hot content for enterprises in general. However, why and how to use blockchain technology in the enterprise is still vague.

For this reason, Bart and Greg showed through video how blockchain can reduce operational costs and risks, how to enhance security features and where the advantages of private blockchain solutions lie, etc.

At the same time, the two guests shared how these products make it faster, easier, and less risky for enterprises to be on the EOSIO blockchain, and how Block.one can help accelerate enterprise blockchain adoption around the four products of EOSIO Business Edition.

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Guest Introductions

  • Bart Wyatt, Block.one VP of Blockchain Engineering

Bart leads the core blockchain engineering team at Block.one. Bart has over 18 years of experience in IT and nearly 7 years working on asset Tokenization and decentralized identities. Bart has extensive experience managing technical teams at multiple companies that focus on personal privacy solutions, deniable authentication, degradable cryptographic proofs gaming and advertising technologies.


  • Greg Lee, Block.one VP of Sales Engineering

As Vice President of Sales Engineering for EOSIO for Business, Greg works to understand customers' technical requirements and determine how to best implement blockchain solutions into their application architectures. Greg is a veteran of Block.one and has been instrumental in expanding the EOSIO protocol for enterprise adoption. Marketing experience, having worked on DARPA R&D projects, overseeing wireless testing programs, and directed motion control technology development, Greg graduated from Virginia Tech with a dual degree in Computer Science and Economics.



Through concrete and visual cases as well as in-depth language, the two guests vividly showed the development prospect of blockchain industry and the advantages of EOSIO in enterprise applications.

This is not the first time for Block.one to conduct community-oriented science sharing activities. Through this series of activities, it is enough to see the efforts of EOS in contributing to the ecology and promoting the prosperity of the ecosystem, and we look forward to the wonderful performance of EOS in 2021.

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