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Block.One and Cryptology Asset Group Invest in Chintai


Block.One and Cryptology Asset Group Lead a $7.5M Seed Investment in Chintai, one of the first DeFi engine on EOS that it has now evolved into a Singapore-based company that uses blockchain technology to modernise capital markets.

Among other investors, we can find Collective Capital, PEER Venture Partners, and Chimera Wealth, with whom they recently partnered with Chintai.

"Asset tokenization is an important trend that brings efficiency, liquidity, and fractional ownership to markets of all types. We're excited to work with Chintai toward our shared vision of a blockchain-enabled digital asset revolution built on regulated financial services." - Kevin Rose, Senior Vice President at Block.one

The funds raised will be used to enable compliant tokenisation of traditional finance assets using EOSIO software. Through Chintai it is possible to remove 50-70% of administrative overhead to embrace compliant Distributed Ledger Technologies. During July 2021, the private Institutional beta of Chintai will be launched to enable digital asset issuance, secondary trading, automated market making, cap table management, custody, and more.

"The tokenization of financial assets will radically change capital markets as we know them today. The Chintai platform democratizes investing in a compliant manner for financial institutions, further lowering the barriers to entry for investors to participate in the highest potential growth assets." - Christian Angermayer, a founding investor of Cryptology


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