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2020 United States Parallel Presidential Election on EOSIO

2020 United States Parallel Presidential Election on EOSIO

According to their latest tweet, FollowMyVote is considering to launch a United States Parallel Presidential Election in November 2020 on EOSIO. FollowMyVote is a nonpartisan public benefit corporation with the aim to improve the integrity standards of voting systems used in elections worldwide.

Their team worked directly with Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block One, to design a patent for a Blockchain electronic voting system, which is currently being licensed. Currently they are looking for more EOSIO developers to work on the project, for more investors, as they will probably conduct their seed round, and for US voters.

If you are interested in getting involved be sure to check their website, at https://followmyvote.com/united-states-parallel-presidential-election-2020/

Twitter Announcement: https://twitter.com/FollowMyVote/status/1171799437439430657

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