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What happened this week on EOSIO | July 6 - July 12


“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 6th July to the 12th of July.

The DAPP Network’s Reddit Scaling Bounty


Currently Reddit is looking for a scaling solution to move users' Reddit points to Ethereum. Following this opportunity, LiquidApps announced a bounty for who will propose a solution using the DAPP Network.


EOS 5546 Transactions Per Second All Time High


On June 29th the EOS mainnet reached a new milestone with 2773 transactions in a single block, reaching a transaction per second (TPS) of 5546.


Dapp Review: 2020 Q2 EOS Summary


The Dapp Review team released the dApp activity analysis of the most important smart contracts blockchains for the second quarter of 2020. The analysis includes EOS, which ranks second in number of Active dApps and Volume (USD).


Block.One Block Producers Voting Updates


The Block.One team today updated their votes of Block Producers on the EOS mainnet. In addition, Kevin Rose, leader of Block.One's Public Blockchain Engagement (PBE) has reported some changes to their voting.


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