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Dapp Review: 2020 Q2 EOS Summary


The Dapp Review team released the dApp activity analysis of the most important smart contracts blockchains for the second quarter of 2020. The analysis includes EOS, which ranks second in number of Active dApps and Volume (USD).


Apparently the transaction volume of dApps on EOS reached $2.02 billion, which is an increase of 16.7% compared to Q1, where the volume was around $1.75 billion. In addition, the average Daily Active Addresses (DAA) for Q2 is 18,520, an increase of 62.3% over Q1. Unfortunately, the Dapp Review team pointed out that this value could be inflated due to some EOS based casino dApps using bots to manipulate their statistics. Although this "tactic" is common for dApps in the same category (Casino and Risk) also on Ethereum and Tron.

Note that the transaction volume is dominated by Exchange dApps, which reaches as much as $1.57 billion with an increase of 25.3%. The remaining $439 million comes from Casino dApps, an increase of 8.8%.

As for the dApps Games: Crypto Dynasty, Upland, and Chainz Arena won the title as the most popular games on EOS. In total, Games category reached a transaction volume of $1.88 million, an increase of 85.1%. Numbers that look very promising, however we should check if they come from real players, or from bots and dApps that recycle their volume.


"In 2020 Q2, there are 374 active dapps on EOS, 7 fewer than 2019 Q2."

  • 61 active Game dapps, 6 more than last year;
  • 160 active Casino dapps, till the largest category despite the decrease of 40;
  • 8 active Finance dapps, 5 more than 2019 Q2;
  • 25 active Exchange dapps, 4 more than 2019 Q2;
  • 21 active Risk dapps, increased by 10.



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