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You can now buy EOS directly on Wombat wallet


Wombat recently announced the new option to buy EOS tokens directly into the wallet with credit and debit cards. This was made possible thanks to their new partnership with Carbon,a FinTech company building a more efficient and inclusive financial system through distributed ledger technology. Users can now buy up to $250 per day without KYC, for fair rates and within 60 seconds.

This option is currently available in most countries except the US and China for regulatory issues. CARBON is working on a solution that may be available in the coming months. In any case, this is a great way to facilitate the adoption of new dapp users within EOS.

"Since most dApps sell products and services it is important that users can easily purchase EOS for in-dApp purchases. Especially for first-time users, it is critical to have a convenient solution without much noise and without KYC."


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