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Wombat launches Womplay, Earn EOS While Playing


Wombat recently launched Womplay, a new rewards platform to compensate crypto gamers with bonuses in EOS and Wombucks tokens. Dozens of games have already been integrated, including Prospectors, Chain Clash and Forge of Empires.

Wombat is an EOS mobile wallet that provide every user with a fully-fledged EOS account and with staked resources for free. In this way, new adopters are able to try out EOS dApps without worrying about the resources expenditure.

Through Womplay, you can earn EOS and Wombucks by completing challenges with different payout schemes. Afterwards, Wombucks can be easily converted to EOS. Within the platform there are three types of challenges available:

  • Performance-based Challenges: these are time-limited challenges, which concern a competition between players. For example, it could be completing a race within the shortest time record or training your avatars most often. Payout in EOS.
  • Point-based Challenges: these allow users to earn Wombat Points by completing routine activities in games.
  • Cashout Challenges: allow users to earn a share on fixed EOS prize pools based on the number of Wombat Points earned.

In order to start playing you must have an EOS account connected to the Wombat wallet. Also, all available games are EOS-based. Indeed, a great way to increase gaming activity on EOS.


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