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WebAuthn Example App by Block.One

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Block.One released the first WebAUthn Example App for developers to have a simple working template and start integrating WebAuthn into their dApps.

Through the WebAuthn support users will be able to sign transactions within EOSIO chains via hardware devices such as the YubiKeys or via built-in sensors such as the TouchID, without the need for special extensions.

"Support for WebAuthn in EOSIO is a step towards more secure and seamless authentication in blockchain applications. We encourage application developers to join the first wave of early adopters testing the applications of this technology for blockchain platforms and we will continue to investigate mechanisms to support startup and enterprise grade applications of this innovative technology."


  1. Log in to a property rental application called Tropical
  2. Select the kind of transaction: low-risk or high-risk
  3. Follow the steps to designate a YubiKey for high-risk transactions


The WebAuthn Example Application provides a walkthrough for developers to see how WebAuthn based 2FA can be implemented.



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