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LiquidApps launched the DAPP Network Grants Program


LiquidApps recently launched the DAPP Network Grants Program, an opportunity for anyone interested in developing a dApps using the DAPP Network tools, to win up to 300,000 DAPP tokens.

Applicants can register on grants.hackerearth.com and compete for the best DAPP Network service. There are 4 main themes, the best services for each theme will receive 75,000 DAPP tokens, for a current value of $1150 (price taken from eosgo.io).


  • The vRAM System Usage Grant
  • The LiquidOracles Usage Grant
  • The LiquidAccounts Usage Grant
  • The LiquidScheduler Usage Grant

"We believe the entire community should have the chance to participate. This online, global grants program allows teams from all around the world to compete. It is our hope that this grant will enable projects to continue iterating on their dApps for the long-term benefit of the entire DAPP Network."


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