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WAX integrates Chainlink, the decentralized oracle network


WAX recently announced the integration of Chainlink, the decentralized oracle network, to provide off-chain data and resources within the WAX blockchain. This will give WAX projects a quick and easy access to external information such as market data, real-world events and cross-chain communications.

Such integration is critical for dApps developers as it allows them to build more flexible applications, removing the difficulty of creating their own oracles solution. This also increases security for users, who will not have to rely on a solution that is probably badly developed and has risky bugs.

This integration also opens the doors of Chainlink to other EOSIO chains, which can easily integrate the decentralized oracle network brings the same benefits to your chain.

Among the off-chain data that can be received we can count:

  • random number generation services
  • token prices
  • sports events
  • IoT data
  • interoperability with other chains
  • existing payment systems
  • enterprise backends

"by integrating Chainlink into the WAX Blockchain, a variety of real-world applications become possible thanks to a secure and reliable connection to existing non-blockchain infrastructure and other blockchain ecosystems."


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