Voter Value Proxy, EOS reward proxy launched


AlohaEOS, Blockstart and EOSphere recently launched Voter Value Proxy, a new EOS proxy that aims to rewards token holders while voting for quality block producers.

"The Value Proxy aims to bring value to voters with rewards and by supporting quality block producers that not only run effective infrastructure but also help contribute to the development and growth of the EOS ecosystem."

According to the announcement, rewards will be distributed daily to every accounts who is voting through the Voter Value Proxy. Selected block producers will be asked to distribute part of their daily rewards and therefore will be eligible to be part of the voted BPs.

Block producers will have to maintain some quality standards that will be verified by the proxy managers. Furthermore, both the block producer payments and the reward distributions will be visible on chain to ensure transparency.

Today also Colin Talks Crypto, manager of the largest proxy on the EOS mainnet, asked his followers on twitter if he should follow this path and start to distribute potential rewards.

Given these developments, how will the ranking of Block Producers change in the coming days? How soon will Dan Larimer's and Brendan Blumer's solution be released?

Voter Value Proxy source: https://decentium.org/alohaeosprod/get-paid-for

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