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VOICE's Blockchain Roadmap


The Voice team recently released an introduction to Voice's Blockchain Roadmap: a private EOSIO blockchain featuring integration with EOS, Ethereum and other chains to export NFTs.

Following their mission, to empower emerging creators, Voice has moved towards an NFTs oriented platform. The core strengths of its NFTs are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Robust
  • portable
  • Decentralized

Starting from the first two features, Voice will launch a private EOSIO blockchain where they will be the only block producer and will generate their own NFTs with a minimal carbon footprint and no gas fees (free minting).

Following the roadmap, they will publish their own NFT standard specification and all transactions made on the VOICE private blockchain will be made public on a block explorer. Users will be able to export private keys to their own wallets, and NFTS will be transferable to EOS, Ethereum and other chains.

Later, the VOICE private blockchain will be made more decentralized, adding new block producers and improving the governance system.

"Once we reach the above milestones, Voice will have combined a great user experience with the core principles that make NFTs so powerful. We are building for the long-term vision – a world where everyone benefits from NFT technology."


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