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U.S. Election Results Recorded on EOS


Moving towards the conclusion of the U.S. elections, we could verify the results of votes directly on the EOS and Ethereum blockchain. Will it be the first step towards fully on-chain elections for the future?

The election results will be posted directly by Associated Press (AP), "the gold standard in counting the vote and declaring election winners", which has been calling U.S. elections since 1848.

In order to be able to publish the elections on both EOS and Ethereum, they have developed their own API accessible also to external users, so that all results can be verified.

Moreover, all election data will also be published on Everipedia, powered by EOS, as an oracle service.

This is the first time that a blockchain is used for elections as important as those of the United States. Although in this implementation only the results are put onchain, there are many projects that are working to build blockchain-based voting systems like Voatz, Votem and Agora Vote.


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