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Upland Partners with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to bring Football Players into the NFT metaverse


Upland, an NFT metaverse that is building an alternate digital world mapped to the actual real world, has partnered with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) along with OneTeam, to bring football players into the NFT metaverse. Innovating new interactive ways for players and fans to connect using blockchain technology.

The NFL Players Association provides players with formal representation in negotiating compensation and the terms of a collective bargaining agreement. Their partnership with Upland will see 2000+ NFL players come into the metaverse to virtually engage with fans from around the world in ways that bring them ever closer to each other.

First introduced in September 2021, Upland Legits is ‘a new suite of NFT offerings designed to enable brands, personalities, and organizations (such as sports clubs, athletes, artists, entertainment brands, and more) to extend their real-life presence into the Upland metaverse and beyond’. The partnership between Upland and the NFL Players Association sees the introduction of NFLPA Legits which are next-generation collectible NFTs that incorporate stunning 3D designs optimized for a mobile experience.

NFLPA Legits are not just next-generation collectible NFTs, but also offer fans a gamified way to engage with their favorite players. Fans can now play and compete to mint one-of-a-kind, official Player NFTs prior to actual football games, and then go root for their players and see how their performance will affect the final NFT that they scored!” - Idan Zuckerman (Co-founder of Upland)

Future owners of these NFLPA Legits can look forward to new NFT features such as gamification through collections, location-based minting events, burn/merge mechanics, and other unique interactions with NFL players such as virtual autograph signings. Other iterations of these NFTs include: Essentials (branded 3D NFTs that are limited by time and seasons), Mementos (rare and unique Legits that commemorate real-world events related to the brand or persona), and, Replicas (NFTs that can be replicated by merging or burning Legit Essentials).

Already the leading gaming application on the EOS blockchain and top 5 across all leading blockchains (based on DappRadar user rankings), Upland is leading the path in bridging the real world to the virtual world. By creating partnerships with strong brands such as the NFLPA and integrating them into the blockchain, Upland is cementing its place among the best in the industry.

Construction of the LA Stadium where Upland players can buy the NFLPA Legits is currently underway, with aims to virtually extend the presence of the NFTs to the host city of the upcoming Super Bowl – Los Angeles.


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