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Ultra Mainnet Soon to be Launched


Ultra prepares for the launch of the mainnet, and inform us in their Community Updates about the details for the release process and their latest upgrades. Soon we might see the launch of the first entertainment platform built on EOSIO.

The upgrades concern:

  • Platform Development: Full integration of the Authenticator for all blockchain transactions, so that the user experience is more akin to a traditional payment service.
  • Blockchain Development: Extensive monitoring services for critical infrastructure like on-chain Oracle, BP nodes and internal services.
  • Token Swap: When the Mainnet is launched, 1 billion native UOS tokens will be created to power the network. Then swapping from ERC20 UOS will be made available.
  • New Block Producers: They recently added 2 new Block producers for a total of 7 BPs: CryptoLions and EOS USA.
  • Team Growth: Implemented tools and processes to increase the efficiency of our hiring process. Now they are opening positions for Customer Support and Business teams: Finance, Marketing, and Partnerships Management.
  • Brand Expansion: They keep creating new channels to interact with various communities globally.

"V1 of Ultra's blockchain is the ground work, the foundation. We have already scoped out multiple future versions which include full feature sets, which bring Moore functionality to users and developers, and also expansions of our current features which extend third party developer's abilities to interact with and utilize our blockchain services" - Nathan James, Ultra Blockchain Engineer


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