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This Week: Extensive Industry and Ecosystem Developments


It’s been a busy week for the EOS ecosystem with improvements in its technical capabilities, integrations with other blockchain ecosystems, and branching out to reach out to audiences outside its normal channels.

EOS’ presence continues to strengthen within the industry, and as a result it is gaining recognition outside the industry from potential investors and users. It continues to establish a strong image within the blockchain industry through reputable partnerships.

This past week highlights the importance of maintaining and nurturing such partnerships, as well as the continuance of pushing for improvements within its own ecosystem through several initiatives, technical or otherwise.

New ENF Grant approved


The EOS Network Foundation has approved a milestone-driven grant for EOS Vision, an information center for the EOS ecosystem. The milestone-driven grant will see EOS Vision promote the adoption of EOS by creating & promoting content of interest on Reddit and Facebook social media platforms.

Having a Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel enables EOS content to be consumed in different formats. This grant approval is a step towards the steadily growing efforts for the marketing of the EOS ecosystem. Although the grant is for promoting EOS on Reddit and Facebook, it helps to spread the EOS message across various platforms to reach more diverse audiences.

EOS Vision has received the first level grant of up to $10,000 following two approvals from the grant evaluators. The grant/funding will help further EOS Vision’s marketing efforts and, if successful, will lead to a greater awareness and adoption of EOS. Since this is a milestone-driven grant, the funds will be paid out in incrementals based on the project’s deliverables over the next seven months.

Find out more about what the grant entails - EOS Network Foundation Grant Proposal

Binance partnership initiatives


Last quarter we covered what was a new partnership between the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This partnership was to boost the growth of the EOS network, and among other things, has seen Binance integrate USDT for the EOS network on its exchange.

This quarter Binance has continued to honor the partnership with the two other initiatives to help boost EOS network growth, namely; Learn & Earn and an AMA/interview hosted on its website.

Learn & Earn - an initiative that aims to introduce new users of Binance to partner projects such as EOS through incentivized methods. This time Binance users simply had to complete an EOS quiz to qualify for a share of the 80,000 EOS prize pool. All qualifying users (limited to 40,000) receive a free EOS Locked Products position at a 10% APR.

More details on the initiative - Binance Simple Earn: EOS

Binance AMA with the EOS Network Foundation - is an hourlong Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) interview with the founder and CEO of the ENF, Yves La Rose. This AMA interview was live streamed to Binance’s audience on its website and incentivized engagement with a $1000 total reward for everyone who had their submitted questions asked by the host. It presented a great opportunity for Binance’s more than 30 million users to get acquainted with the EOS network, its history, benefits, advantages, and outlook for promoting the adoption of blockchain technology worldwide.

Watch the Yves La Rose interview - Binance Simple Earn AMA with the EOS Network Foundation

EOS EVM v0.5.0 release candidate 1


This past week the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) announced the first release candidate notes for the EOS EVM upgrade to version 0.5.0. This version is considered to be the first major release since EOS EVM launched on mainnet two months ago. The upgrade improves on the performance and user experience of the EOS EVM ecosystem in various ways.

The biggest update this upgrade will bring to the EOS EVM is the incorporation of Yield+ on the EOS EVM. This incorporation will bring liquidity benefits to dApps on the EOS EVM as well as new yield farming opportunities to DeFi traders within the EOS ecosystem.

Yield+ has proven successful in attracting additional value to EOS. At its peak the program had attracted 15 DeFi protocols and nearly $40 million in total value locked (TVL) within a couple months of launch, and during a bear market. Extending that to the EOS EVM and Ethereum-based projects can only bring more value for all participants.

Upon reaching code completion of this release candidate and the upgrade already being in process on the testnet, its mainnet deployment is said to follow shortly.

Read the full announcement post - EOS EVM v0.5.0-rc1 Released

Antelope Coalition meeting


The Antelope Coalition between EOS, WAX, Telos, and UX Network blockchains holds regular meetings in which they discuss various initiatives that aim to improve the Antelope ecosystem as a whole. The meetings have been dialed back to take place once a month rather than the previously set schedule of once a week due to the fact that most projects/initiatives are already on cruise control.

The following projects are some of what was discussed in the recent meeting:

P2P Optimized Transaction Propagation - Zack Gall, co-founder and Chief Communications Officer of the ENF, reminded Coalition members that the EOS Network Foundation, along with the OCI team, will be managing this feature. He noted there are some scattered requirements which he doesn’t have a proper update on, but that his team have completed a lot of the release work ahead of the publishing of the ENF’s monthly Program & Operations Health Report this week.

P2P Peer Discovery - the latest update on this is that the team working on the project is catching up with the updated requirements. It has already presented a list of unit tests for the building of the core code, which were approved on the day of this meeting. The team behind the project is now left to finalize and resubmit a Pull Request (PR) to be reviewed for merging with the core code.

Antler CDT - the project is said to have multiple release candidates for testing, and the most recent version being the final version as it has no additional feedback or comments for further improvements.

Instant Finality - there are no new updates at the moment as the work that’s already been done is being reviewed by relevant parties. So far any minor issues that have been presented have been corrected.

Wallet SDK - the project is approaching its sixth milestone, which is the Contract Kit and the Account Kit. It will probably be ready in a few days. There’s been a delay on the fifth milestone, which is the Session Kit Integrations and Localization, due to the sequencing of the work being refactored. This is a few days from completion upon which work on the sixth milestone will begin.

Ledger app support - following several months of back and forth with the Ledger wallet team, the ENF feels that it no longer has the resources to further pursue the integration of Antelope networks (tokens) onto the Ledger wallet. Also the person who was overlooking its progress has been assigned to other pressing projects. The project will be put on hold indefinitely, unless any of the other Coalition members want to pick it up.

Watch the full meeting on YouTube - Antelope Coalition - June 2nd 2023 Meeting | EOS, TELOS, WAX, UX Network

As of writing EOS is trading at $0.90 (up from last week’s price of $0.89). EOS is currently doing $85 million in daily trading volume, and its market cap sits at $994 million. This week sees EOS, yet again, move up another two spots to 45th position by market cap rankings. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.


New ENF Grant approved

Binance Learn & Earn (EOS)

Binance AMA with the EOS Network Foundation

EOS EVM v0.5.0 release candidate 1

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