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This Week: Development Progress Suggests a New Upcoming Phase for the EOS Ecosystem


In the past year many developments were only just kicking off - Antelope IBC, Yield+, EOS EVM, Antelope Coalition, etc. Now the EOS ecosystem seems to be at a point where it needs to enter a new phase as most projects and initiatives are completed and the rest due for completion in a couple of months.

The next few months should make it apparent what this next phase for EOS is. However, this past week’s developments suggest that the next phase for the EOS ecosystem is a growth in user and developer adoption, and possibly seeing a growth in marketing efforts as well.

Antelope Coalition meeting

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 23.08.07

The Antelope Coalition between EOS, WAX, Telos, and UX Network blockchains held its weekly meeting this past week in which they discussed various initiatives that aim to improve the Antelope ecosystem as a whole.

The following projects are some of what was discussed in the recent meeting:

P2P Peer Discovery (new milestone timeline) - Coalition members discussed the revised dates for Milestones 3, 4, and 5 of the P2P Peer Discovery project which they voted on and approved. The P2P Peer Discovery project aims to make it easy for the casual user, app developer, API provider, block producer, or even an exchange to get in sync with the network. There were also discussions on requiring project vendors to deploy their finished code on Jungle testnet for members to efficiently confirm that everything is as it should before milestone payments are made. Especially for projects that won’t be deployed by Antelope on mainnet within reasonable time.

Antelope GTM cross-chain marketing group - A brief discussion and update on the Antelope go-to-market marketing group was held. The discussion was on how this new group should help align content creation, strategy, and timing for all Antelope Coalition member chains. This would help for member chains to form a bigger impact on announcements across social media.

Instant Finality/IBC - The ENF updated the Coalition on its planned calendar for the next couple of months, and said it will be opening up its schedule in order to review and finalize certain details on the Instant Finality project. They’ll be availing their developers (following the completion of EOS EVM beta and mainnet launch) and making Instant Finality its number one priority leading to the September 2023 release date.

Timing of the weekly Coalition meeting call - Coalition members have unanimously voted to set the meetings to monthly calls rather than the current weekly calls. Although the meetings have been a great vehicle for transparency into the operations of the combined coalition chains, members feel that at this point most of the Coalition’s projects are well into their development phases and the meetings only serve as status updates rather than announcement of new undertakings*.* The Antelope community will still be able to keep track of any updates and progress of Antelope Coalition initiatives on the Coalition GitHub repo.

ENF Q1 report

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 23.08.16

The latest quarterly report on the EOS Network Foundation’s activities, grants, and financial expenditures has been published this week. The report is provided to give EOS stakeholders insight into the ENF’s operations in its efforts towards making EOS a leading blockchain ecosystem in the industry.

“Stepping into 2023, our community carried with it a renewed purpose, and a new identity: A community that has defied all odds by demonstrating its ability to adapt, evolve, and establish a dynamic, community-led foundation through which to reawaken the true potential of our network. The foothold we have gained in the broader ecosystem — during a bear market no less — has been hard won.” - Yves La Rose (ENF Founder and CEO)

The report highlights the progress and developments made in *social media growth metrics*, *the EOS EVM mainnet beta*, *partnerships*, *events*, *funding*, *technical developments*, *Antelope Coalition initiatives*, and *other notable milestones from Q1*.

A financial report was also provided to detail the financial cost of the ENF’s operations during the first quarter. For Q1 2023, the ENF has spent $5,794,122 in total across:

Grants - $2,308,520 (39.8% of total spend)

Core Code Developments - $1,280,909 (22.1% of total spend)

PR & Marketing - $1,072,887 (18.5% of total spend)

Professional Services - $381,804 (6.6% of total spend)

Social Media & Engagement - $317,787 (5.5% of total spend)

Operations & Insurances - $218,196 (3.8% of total spend)

Training & Development - $214,019 (3.7% of total spend)

In addition, the report gave a roadmap of EOS ecosystem projects and initiatives for the second and third quarters. Some of which include: Instant Finality testnet deployment and the Vault Protocol in Q2 plus, EVM ecosystem improvements and EOS Network Ventures funding in Q3.

For a more detailed and in-depth look into ENF operations check out - ENF Q1 2023 Quarterly Report

Upland x ENF hackathon 2023

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 23.08.24

Industry leading gaming dApp (Upland) and the EOS Network Foundation have partnered up for a three-track hackathon. The partnership aims to grow GameFi within the EOS ecosystem, which is a sector that both parties believe will help onboard the next hundred million users to blockchain.

The three hackathon tracks are:

FIFA World Cup Track - which provides a unique opportunity for football/soccer enthusiasts to utilize Upland’s FIFA Legits and Upland’s third-party SDK to create a long-lasting experience.

Innovation Track - participants are invited to build community-focused games, content, and experiences that bring people together.

Design Track - participants are invited to design a 3D trophy for the World of Football esports tournament and include the FIFA World Cup logo. World of Football is an Upland game where users can play football against each other using their Block Explorers.

The registration deadline for the hackathon is on May 12, with the submission deadline following on May 26.

In the recent kickoff event for Consensus 2023, alongside the ENF, Telos, and the Blockchain Game Alliance, Upland were panelists on the panel about the ‘Future of Gaming’. On the panel, Upland’s Chief of Staff, Danny Brown Wolf, discussed how the hackathon gives Web3 game developers and enthusiasts the opportunity to create content that could live on throughout the metaverse, as well as be a source of income for creators.

The hackathon will take place during ‘Upland’s Genesis Week’ celebration in Las Vegas on June 9. Winners and runners-up can look forward to awards that include $10k/$5k in respective prizes, incubator programs to launch their projects, placement in the FIFA World Cup Village in Upland, and a 2 million UPX (tokens) grand prize.

Find out more about the hackathon - Hackathon Your Way to $10K and 2 Million UPX!

Wombat X Accelerator

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 23.08.32

Wombat, one of the industry’s leading blockchain gaming platforms, has recently announced its accelerator program called Wombat X. The program aims to empower the new generation of Web3 games through mentorship, rapid user acquisition and infrastructure support.

Wombat X Accelerator classes are said to be packed with everything developers need for their game's growth. They also provide access to cutting-edge game development software, a huge user base, as well as all-round support from advisors.

The EOS community will be most pleased to know that the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is a founding member of this Wombat X initiative, alongside Cronos and four other founding members. Recent developments have made it apparent that the ENF is taking a serious interest in the growth of the gaming (GameFi) sector within the EOS ecosystem, and is making investments towards that goal.

One of the requirements for game developers looking to benefit from this opportunity is to release a playable game demo on one of Wombat’s supported blockchains such as EOS or the other Antelope Coalition chains. Being a founding member of this accelerator program should help the ENF drive game development towards EOS’ highly performant blockchain.

Interested in the Wombat X Accelerator program? Check out - Wombat X

As of writing EOS is trading at $0.98 (down from last week’s price of $1.02). EOS is currently doing $82 million in daily trading volume, and its market cap sits at $1 Billion. This week sees EOS hold strong on the 44th position by market cap rankings for four weeks in a row despite an overall bearish market. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.


Antelope Coalition meeting (YouTube)

ENF Q1 report

Upland x ENF hackathon 2023

Wombat X Accelerator

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