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Sense Chat becomes EOS Chat, Sense Chat 2 announced!


The Sense Chat team has announced early registration for the new version of their messagger app: Sense Chat 2, which will become blockchain agnostic. At the same time Sense Chat (v1) will be rebranded as EOS Chat and will continue to exist. Why this decision?

The first version of Sense Chat, built over the EOS mainnet, was launched exactly one year ago, and allowed over 60,000 accounts to exchange encrypted messages with each other. Unfortunately, due to the increased cost of resources in the mainnet, the team had to rethink the app's operation.

For this reason, with Sense Chat 2 they chose to be blockchain agnostic, but to leave the possibility for their users to connect an EOS account. In addition to this, on the new version of Sense Chat we can expect:

  • a safe and secure platform
  • new community management tools
  • reward engagement features
  • p2p account verification system that will help spot fake accounts, scams and spam

You can request early access at: https://signup.sense.chat


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