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PredIQt Development Update + UX Preview

PredIQt Development Update + UX Preview

The PredIQt team recently shared their latest development updates regarding their prediction market. PredIQt is the first prediction market built on EOSIO and is part of the IQ Network dApps.


  • increase security
  • streamlined market resolution
  • UI improvement
  • PredIQt Bank
  • PredIQt Referral Program

UI Update:

  • revamped brand identity
  • simplification of core features
  • better explanations of various market options
  • user profile pages

Oracle Updates:

  • compatible with any sort of EOS oracle
  • PredIQt core multi-sig oracle
  • Delphi Oracle integration

Read more: https://medium.com/@prediqtnetwork/prediqt-development-update-ux-preview-d206c766cdc0

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