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Onessus announced the first Turn-Based Economic Battle Royale


Onessus recently announced the release of HodlGod Beta, the first turn-based economic battle Royale on the EOS mainnet. The players will fight against each other in a free-for-all fight, until there is only one winner who earns a prize in cryptocurrency.

Each match can have up to 1000 players, everyone will start from the same level and will have to find new items and equipment fighting against monsters and other players. Once eliminated you lose all your items, which will be acquired by the winner.

In addition, a feature will be introduced that will allow players to create teams and share the prizes. Users will be able to start their own HodlGod team, or choose to join an existing team. This is a great mechanic for community building and onboarding new users, as well as an opportunity for those that would like to turn their team into a proper business.


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