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Mandel 3.1 Release Candidate


In line with EOS’ four year launch celebrations, the EOS Network Foundation has published notes for Mandel’s version 3.1 release candidate. The release notes go through the different changes, upgrades, and new features added from the previous iteration of Mandel, the latest stable release of which is v2.0.14.

The release candidate represents a Beta version that, if it passes testing and no major bugs are found, will be released as a finished product. The EOS network is scheduled to upgrade from EOSIO to Mandel 3.1 on September 23, 2022.

Published on GitHub, the Mandel v3.1.0-rc1 release notes details:

Protocol changes

New features: (1) New transaction submission API (incl. transaction retry feature); (2) Transaction finality status;

Transaction Resource Cost Estimation

Block log & state-history-plugin (SHiP) log pruning

Building, compatibility, and upgrading: (1) New build procedure; (2) Snapshot compatibility (new snapshot format, but can still load older snapshot versions); (3) Network compatibility; (4) State file compatibility; (5) Block log compatibility; (6) Upgrading from prior releases

Other changes, etc.

Upon launch, this upgrade will commemorate a new era for the EOS network; one that is for the first time led by its community, even at the protocol level, following Block.one’s ousting after having neglected its responsibilities for maintaining the EOSIO protocol code.


Mandel v3.1.0-rc1 Release Notes

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