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LiquidBrinX: Transfer Tokens Cross-Chain


With LiquidBrinX, the LiquidApps team demonstrated how it is already possible to transfer tokens securely between chains using DSP Services and their cross-chain functionalities. The sample code has been published on Github, available for anyone to use and test.

"The lack of communication between incompatible networks places a ceiling on the growth of both individual networks and the ecosystem as a whole."

A few days ago the cross-chain functionality of EOSDT, one of the biggest DeFi projects on EOS, was announced. Following this wake, LiquidApps wanted to propose its solution with LiquidBrinX that allows users to move tokens between chains through a set of smart contracts. This way dApps and communities can share the same token across multiple chains, potentially increasing its utility, liquidity and volume.

In addition to token transfers, LiquidBrinX can allow the sharing of any kind of information between chains. Indeed, using various DAPP Network technologies, including vRAM, LiquidScheduler and LiquidOracles, a shared memory between chains is generated that allows for more general-purpose data transfer. Cross-chain tokens transfer is only one of the possible use cases.

Other possible use-cases

  • Build automated market makers (AMMs) that operate trustlessly across multiple chains
  • Create chain-agnostic NFTs that can be utilized on multiple platforms
  • Migrate to an alternative network seamlessly in times of congestion


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