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LiquidApps announced the first DAPP Network Hackathon


The LiquidApps team recently announced the first DAPP Network-specific Hackathon. The Hackathon will last exactly one week, from 17 to 24 November. The goal is to allow everyone to participate, which is why it is global and online.

Participants will be able to register on the platform that will soon be released, after which the teams will begin to work on their projects with the help of the technical support of LiquidApps and mentors.

"With the community bringing the ideas and execution, the DAPP Network Online Hackathon is a fantastic opportunity for developers to collaborate, compete and build scalable dApps, even from the comfort of their own couch."

Although it is an online Hackathon, participants are still invited to gather in Tel Aviv, where it will be held an on-site DAPP Network Hackathon.


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