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KARMA leaves EOS and moves to WAX

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After yesterday's 30 day notice from EarnBet, today KARMA has announced that it wants to move from EOS to WAX because it believes that there are still some problems in the mainnet that do not allow them to reach their goals.

Karma was the first social network to launch on EOS that since their launch have always pushed towards new innovations, for example they created a way to pay RAM for all users and was the first app on EOS to enable "We Pay CPU".

The problems that are prompting them to leave EOS are:

  • Block Producer’s lack of a response to the EIDOS situation & upgrades
  • Account Creation cost (between $0.40 — $1.50)
  • Cost of CPU/Bandwidth
  • Lack of a functioning Worker Proposal System

On the contrary, they are choosing to move to WAX thanks to:

  • Quality/Active Block Producers
  • Office Of Inspector General (to ensure quality Block Producers)
  • Free Accounts (or extremely cheap/less than a penny)
  • CPU/Bandwidth Cost
  • Worker Proposal System
  • Real world businesses coming to WAX with a high number of users
  • Creating NFT (items) to acquire & swap within KARMA

For all current KARMA users a free WAX account will be created with the same public keys and the same amount of KARMA tokens. In this way the transition for users will be very simple and fast, without major changes. After the switch to WAX, all KARMA tokens on EOS will be frozen and will no longer be used.


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