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LiquidApps Announces New Bounty: LiquidRandomness


LiquidApps after the bounty for Reddit and ChainLink announced the third bounty of the week: LiquidRandomness. This time it asks the community to develop an RNG based on the DAPP Network, with 300,000 DAPP tokens as a prize.

As they highlighted in the announcement, Random Number Generators (RNGs) are essential in gambling applications, data encryption and computer simulation, but at the same time creating a truly random RNGs is a problem that has always plagued computer scientists. To date, all RNGs are not really random, but they simulate randomness in a way that is hard to predict.

Creating a decentralized RNG should therefore be even more complicated, and it is necessary to combine existing centralized solutions with decentralized services. This is where the DAPP Network and LiquidApps come in, offering a bounty of 300,000 DAPP tokens for anyone who can create a verifiable randomness functionality that can be used across the DAPP Network. Such a service is critical to ensure that the integrity of dApps is not compromised.


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