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How to Raise EOS Value? Views from Susan, MEET.ONE

How to Raise EOS Value? Views from Susan, MEET.ONE

Today Susan from MEET.ONE published an article in which she shared her opinions about EOS Governance & Future Development and put forward a couple of suggestions.

Three main questions are discussed in this article. From "how to break the bottleneck and realize the rise of mass applications, "how to reward outstanding BPs and motivate them to continually contribute to EOS ecosystem" to "how to encourage community members to participate in ecosystem building".

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Strive to go through the tough days together, behind is the rise of large-scale applications, where unfolds the future of EOS, bright and promising".

Read more:https://medium.com/@MEET.ONE/how-to-raise-eos-value-826acbafaae6

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