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Galaxy EOS VC Invests in Hour One, AI-driven Chars Generator


Galaxy EOS VC concluded a new investment in Hour One, a firm that creates AI-driven high-quality digital characters based on real people, also known as Synthetic Characters, similar to Deep Fakes.

Hour One managed to close a $5 million seed funding led by Galaxy EOS VC, Remagine ventures and Kindred Ventures.

Synthetic Characters are digital copies of real people, which can be used in a variety of ways, for example to talk about any product using the physiognomy of a famous actor or character, with extremely low cost and scalable.

Indeed, it will be almost impossible to distinguish these Synthetic Characters from the real humans on which they are based. Hour One wants to open their own AI model to allow each person to create their own character and expand their business model.

character sheet3

These Synthetic Characters will behave exactly like their respective real humans, and it will be possible to upload texts, which they will discuss exactly as if they were the real person.

In this way, companies will be able to innovate their way of approaching customers online, through a next-generation remote business-to-human interactions.

Obviously this is a very risky technology and very easy to abuse. The Hour One team wants to marginalize this problem through encryption technologies so that only enabled users can use their respective syntethic character. Indeed, this could be a great solution where you can implement blockchain technology, maybe even EOSIO software.

"ethics-driven approach to the creation of synthetic video” is key and that “given how challenging production with live actors has become as a result of COVID-19, now is the perfect time for businesses of all sizes to produce their content with Hour One’s synthetic characters." - Sam Englebardt, co-founder and managing director of Galaxy Interactive


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