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eosfinex closing operations, BUT going open-source


The Bitfinex team announced that it is shutting down eosfinex operations, but will give open-source access to its core infrastructure and intellectual property. This could start a new generation of top-performing decentralized EOSIO exchanges.

Through eosfinex, it is possible to access Bitfinex markets and their liquidity directly with an EOS account, while maintaining the blockchain's level of security. This is truly an innovative solution, allowing for the first time to take advantage of the performance of what was previously a centralized exchange, with the potential of blockchain decentralization. Users in this way can retain full custody and control of their assets at all times.

By going open-source, all other centralized exchanges could release their own decentralized version while maintaining high trading performance.

As of March 22, trading on eosfinex will be disabled, and any deposited funds returned to users. However, Bitfinex will continue to support EOS via the centralized exchange, and a number of EOS tokens will be listed on Bitfinex in the coming weeks.

The eosfinex tokens will be published on Github at: https://github.com/bitfinexcom/eosfinex-custody-contract


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